Division of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration (DGGE)

DGGE is an important technical support division of BRIUG, which is mainly engaged in research and application of geophysical and geochemical exploration techniques and methods. Its research findings greatly support geological research, engineering survey and hydrogeological investigation, geological hazard assessment. At the same time, DGGE undertakes pioneer methodological research on the application of geophysical and geochemical exploration techniques in uranium geology research.
There are six research directions in DGGE,  including gravity and magnetic survey, electrical survey, seismic survey, radioactivity survey, geochemical survey, and R&D of instruments. DGGE is equipped with a lot of advanced instruments, such as Lacoste model-D gravimeter, GSM-19GW magnetometer, EH4 conductivity image map system, V8 multi-functional electromagnetic measuring system, SuperSting R8/IP multi-channel resistivity and imaging system, TEM-47 transient electromagnetic measuring system, Strata Visor NZXP seismograph, GR320 gamma-ray spectrometry, GR-660 car-borne gamma-ray spectrometry, RAD-7 emanometer, Harshaw3500 thermoluminescence dosimeter, XP-3 multi gas monitor and Epsilon logger. With the support of government, more advanced instruments will be purchased, such as 1000-channel seismograph measurement system, 3D coordinate magnetotelluric measurement system, borehole transient electromagnetic meter, gravimeter, handheld gamma-ray spectrometry, mercury detector, and thermoluminescence dosimeter, which will help further promote the research ability and application level of geophysical and geochemical methods.
Besides undertaking government research projects, DGGE also attaches great importance to social responsibilities. DGGE is fully open to the market and provides technical services for different purposes, such as geology and mineral resources exploration, hydrogeology survey, engineering geology survey, environmental monitoring and environmental impact assessment, and so on.

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