Division of Scientific and Technological Information (DSTI)

    DSTI is engaged in research on scientific and technological information of nuclear geology, translation, editing and publishing of scientific and technical contributions, holdings of literature resources, digital establishment, retrieval, application and information establishment of digital publications.DSTI is responsible for publishing two periodical academic publications: Uranium Geology and World Nuclear Geosciences.  
    DSTI provides the technical supports for the information establishment of BRIUG and it has senior technical personnel on uranium geology, scientific and technological intelligence, editing and publishing, English, Russian and French translation etc. DSTI has Chinese Academic Journal (CD) Series A, B Science & Engineering (A, B) which includes over 5 millions of literatures. Its library has near 100,000 books. Two periodicals and the investigated and studied achievements have won the prizes for many times. Since the establishment of BRIUG, over 100 scientific and technological monographs were edited and translated to make contributions on promoting the development of nuclear geology in China.  

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