Division of Remote Sensing Technology Application (DRSTA)

   DRSTA (Key Lab. of Remote Sensing) is one of China’s pioneer organizations which develop remote sensing technology and application in the late 1970’s.
   The lab is oriented to study high resolution and quantization technology and its application, it is well equipped with internationall and advanced ground and airborne visual-thermal infrared imaging spectrameasuring system, and also has formed a complet system of data acquisition-processing-analyzing-application. In the last decade, the lab has carried out over 50 projects of state and ministry level in geological survey, uranium exploration, environment monitoring, city planning and target identification, and obtained over 20 items of state and ministry levle  “Science and Technology Progress Award ” , “Innovation Group” , patents and software copyrights. In recent years, the lab has been extending its application research to oil-gas prospecting and nuclear power plant site selection, and persisting in technology innovation and cooperation so as to make more contribution to the progress of remote sensing technology and nuclear industry in China.

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