Division of Environmental Engineering (DEE) (Division of Geological Disposal of High Level Radioactive Waste)

    DEE mainly conducts R&D on geological disposal of high level radioactive waste, near surface disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive waste and geological/hydrogeological investigation for different purposes.
    DEE has built specific technical capabilities in site selection and site characterization for radioactive waste disposal, characterization of fractured rock mass with low permeability, deep geological environmental assessment and numerical simulation, long-term performance of large-scale buffer/backfill materials and so on.
DEE has advanced equipments and softwares, such as double-packer hydraulic test system for borehole, borehole acoustic televiewer, borehole radar system, T-H-M Mock-up for large-scale bentonite samples, high-temperature and swelling pressure test system for buffer material. 

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